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COR Program at Sacred Heart Church

The mission of Cor is to refocus Catholic men on Jesus Christ and to form and strengthen them in faith and virtue through a brother-hood committed to prayer, formation, and fraternity. The goal of each Cor gathering is to provide the opportunity for men to encounter Christ, to pray together, to be formed in their faith, and to strengthen their bonds of brotherhood, preparing them for courageous leadership and the mission of evangelization for their families and communities.

Q: Where did the name come from?
A:“Cor” is Latin for heart. The inspiration for this name is drawn from the expression “corad cor loquitur,” “heart speaks to heart.” This phrase was the episcopal motto of St. John Henry Newman.

Q: Who can come and participate?
All men of the parish are encouraged to attend.

Three key elements of prayer, formation, and fraternity are intentionally structured and built into the gathering. The ratio of emphasis on one key element over the others can vary

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COR Meeting Schedule


COR Reference Guide, HERE.