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Family Director Service Hours

ActivityHoursDate of ActivitySuggested CategoryEntered/Updated By (Name)Notes
COR Meeting2002/24/2024FaithTim DSecond COR meeting, 10 x 2 Hours.
COR Planning802/21/2024FaithTim DCOR Research & Planning
RSVP - Seeds of the Word201/31/2024FaithPhonse DResearching Lyceum donation. Organizing Seeds of the Word presentation for the Feb Council meeting.
Rosary Program - Fraternal Rosary301/02/2024FaithPhonse DRosary before Council meeting - 6 Knights
Rosary Program - Parish Rosary/Lectoring201/31/2024FaithPhonse DTwo weekday Masses in Jan.
Rosary Program - Updating Parish Lector/Rosary Binder801/31/2024FaithPhonse DProducing and Updating documents for the Parish.
Stations of the Cross702/14/2024FaithPhonse D7 Knights x 1 hrs
RSVP - Seminanrians202/26/2024FaithPhonse DResearching Lyceum donation
Rosary Program - Fraternal Rosary202/06/2024FaithPhonse DRosary before Council meeting - 4 Knights
Rosary Program - Parish Rosary/Lectoring602/29/2024FaithPhonse DFeb 1,2,14,21,23,29.
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast (Food for Families)4502/13/2024FamilyPhonse DCategorized this under Knights "Food for Families" program.
Lyceum Society charity committee meeting602/22/2024OtherPhonse D4 Knights x 1.5 hrs ( may attribute half to Elizabeth House and half to RSVP - Seminarians)
Funeral Reception January 15th2201/15/2024FaithTim DFuneral reception for Holly Lynn White
Funeral Reception February5002/02/2024FaithTim DFuneral for Michael Bulger
Padre Night802/08/2024FaithTim D.Padre Night preparation and attendance.
Fr. Arjay's Birthday Celebration1001/19/2024CommunityTim D.Knights attendance at and in support of Fr. Arjay's birthday celebration
Family of the Month Program Development1201/15/2024FamilyTim D.Preparation of materials, procedures and promotion of FOTM.
Stations of the Cross - Reception - Clam Chowder2002/16/2024CommunityTim D.Reception (Clam Chowder) after Stations of the Cross - Preparation, serving, and cleanup afterwards. ~4 Knights.
RSVP - Seeds of the Word203/03/2024FaithPhonse DAttend Seeds of the Word Profession of Vows at St. Mary's Cathedral.
Fraternal Rosary203/05/2024FaithPhonse DPre Council Rosary
Lyceum Society Board meeting603/05/2024OtherPhonse DApproval of donations to Elizabeth House (10), Seeds of the Word (5), and Diocese Seminarian Fund (5).
Parish Rosary/Lectoring103/08/2024FaithPhonse D
Parish Rosary/Lectoring103/21/2024FaithPhonse D
Preparation and Meeting with Fr. Christino - Lyceum Society Donation203/22/2024OtherPhonse DLearning from the Vicar responsible for vocations and young adults best approach for the Lyceum Society to support the Vocations Office.