Confirmation Reception

We hosted a successful reception for Sacred Heart’s Confirmation class on Sunday, April 21st.
This joyous occasion celebrated not only the Confirmation of Sacred Heart’s class but also welcomed our newest members joining the Catholic faith through RCIA.
It was a heartwarming event that brought our community together in a spirit of Christian love and fellowship.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Brothers Wayne, Roy, Gill, and Valance for their contributions. 

Special recognition goes to Brother John Bothwell for his support and to Brother Roland, our Council Photographer, for capturing these cherished memories.

Immense appreciation for Lady Therese of the CWL for her invaluable assistance throughout the reception.
Her artistic touch, particularly in elevating the food prepared by the team, truly transformed the meal into a memorable part of the celebration!

This successful event is a testament to the value of teamwork and the dedication of our Council members.

Warmest congratulations to all of our newly confirmed brothers and sisters in Christ! May God bless you and guide you on your continued faith journey.

Event Photos