On the first Friday of Lent, February 16th, the Knights of Columbus at Sacred Heart Church hosted a deeply moving Stations of the Cross.

Nearly 80 parishioners joined this solemn reflection on Jesus’ Passion, guided by Program Director Brother Phonse Delaney.

Enriching each Station with heartfelt readings were Brothers Phonse, Roy Ifill, John Leahy, aspiring Knight Tom Shannon and Tim Dahm, their voices resonating with the weight of Christ’s sacrifice. Brother Franklyn Ugochukwu solemnly bore the cross, illuminated by candles carried by Brothers Roland and Al Kohlman, a poignant reminder of Christ’s burden.

Following the Stations, a warm sense of community filled the church hall as parishioners gathered for fellowship. Among the refreshments, the Knights offered delectable, now famous clam chowder, prepared with dedication by Brothers Val and Wayne. Brother Val, exemplifying the Knights’ spirit of service, began prepping ingredients the day before, ensuring a delicious and heartwarming meal for all.
Brother Wayne tirelessly assisted in every aspect of preparation and serving, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Knights’ act of hospitality, fueled by faith and dedication, nourished both body and soul after the moving spiritual reflection.
 Among those enjoying the fellowship was Brother Sheldon Farrar, who engaged in friendly conversations with fellow parishioners, alongside his wife. Their presence added to the sense of warmth and camaraderie that filled the hall.

A heartfelt thank you to all the Knights who participated, especially Brothers Phonse, Val, Wayne, and all those who contributed their voices and service. 

Your dedication is truly appreciated by the Parish community.

Event Photos