We hosted a successful and spirit-filled Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast for students and teachers of Sacred Heart Elementary! It was a true embodiment of our spirit of service, with brothers working together to efficiently serve delicious pancakes to the entire school community. From flipping flapjacks to ensuring a smooth operation, everyone pitched in, creating a memorable experience for all.

We extend our special thanks to:

  • Brother Cyril: Our Worthy Youth Director who spearheaded event coordination with the school.
  • Brother Mike: Who not only tackled the culinary and logistical challenges with deftness, but also found creative solutions to ensure a smooth and timely event. His dedication and resourcefulness were key to the success of the breakfast.
  • Brother Phonse: Who tirelessly produced batter that consistently met exacting standards throughout the morning.
  • Fr. Eric: For his blessing on each meal enjoyed by students and staff.
  • Tom Shannon: Our Honorary Knight who contributed with enthusiasm and a smile. He flipped pancakes with practiced skill, readily served guests, and helped wherever needed, demonstrating a true spirit of service. His dedication and effort were an invaluable asset to the team.
  • Brother Carlo: A well-coordinated team player at the griddle, readily assisting wherever needed with his cheerful presence and tireless energy.
  • Brother Roland, our Council Photographer: Capturing the memories of the event with his keen eye and skill.
  • Brother Len Maxwell (Council 8636): For his crucial help in setting up the kitchen to accommodate four griddles.
  • And a special shout-out to Father Mario, who was spotted dispensing syrup for the students with a boisterous laugh and infectious good humor. His presence added a special touch to the joyful atmosphere.

And let’s not forget the outstanding team effort during the not insignificant cleanup! Everyone rolled up their sleeves, ensuring the space was returned to its original state.

Thanks to everyone’s dedication, the event was a huge success! It’s moments like these that remind us of the strength and joy found in community service.

On behalf of Brother Cyril and myself, we thank you for your tireless efforts and contributions. Together, we made this event a truly special occasion for the Sacred Heart community.

Event Photos