A Successful Padre Night 2024!

The Knights of Columbus recently hosted the Padre Night 2024 at the Polish Canadian Club on [Date]. This special celebration aimed to honor the esteemed priests and clergy of our diocese with an evening of food and fellowship.

A Night of Recognition and Appreciation:

The event served as a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the tireless dedication and service of our priests and clergy. They are the cornerstones of our faith communities, offering spiritual guidance, comfort, and leadership. Through Padre Night, the Knights aimed to:

Recognize their contributions: We expressed our deepest appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication of our priests and clergy.
Foster strong relationships: We facilitated a night of fellowship and camaraderie, strengthening the bond between the Knights and the clergy.
Celebrate faith and community: We came together in a spirit of shared values and celebrated the vibrant tapestry of our faith community.
A Memorable Evening:

Participants enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the Polish Canadian Club and engaged in warm camaraderie with fellow Knights and members of the clergy. The event was also graced by a speech from Bishop McGrattan, adding further significance to the occasion.

Thank You:

We extend our sincere gratitude to all who participated in making Padre Night 2024 a success.

Event Photos